Simple Yoga Techniques: Clinical Interventions for Anxiety and Trauma - 2 CPD Hours

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  • Use simple yet powerful yoga techniques as clinical interventions for anxiety, trauma and more
  • Step-by-step demonstration of each technique
  • Learn easy methods for teaching clients

Science clearly shows that yoga is a powerful clinical tool that can heal depression and anxiety.  Sensible and compassionate, this practice empowers clients, enhances the professional relationships and heals client and clinician alike.

Join Mary NurrieStearns, clinical social worker, yoga expert and author, for this highly informational and experiential video.  You will learn the skills to use these powerful yoga techniques to improve client outcomes - and feel renewed as a clinician as well.

Mary NurrieStearns teaches what she lives, credits these practices for profound personal healing and embodies the qualities of wholeness that spring from long term practice of yoga and meditation.  She has trained thousands of clinicians in the practices of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and self-acceptance.


  • Teach simple yoga practices as clinical skills
  • Apply breathing intervention/practice to reduce anxiety
  • Practice body scan to stabilize
  • Teach clients how to comfort and soothe self
  • Utilize mantras to create life affirming thoughts and decrease negative ruminations
  • Demonstrate the calming benefit of a very simple yoga practice


Yoga as an Evidenced-Based Clinical Intervention: A holistic, mind/body approach

  • The physiology of anxiety and trauma and the healing process
  • Yoga and the anxious body
  • Yoga and the traumatized mind
  • Yoga and trauma in the body

Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelm with Breathing Interventions

  • Quickly reduced heighted anxiety
  • “Come to your rescue” breathing intervention
  • Interventions to facilitate diaphragmatic breathing
  • Calm the nervous system with “gentle exhalation lengthening”

Reduce Panic and Dissociation with a Simple Body Scan

  • Create internal safety
  • Shift attention from distressing thoughts
  • Teach and demonstrate body scan

Healing Complex Trauma Through Mantra

  • Reverse feelings of unworthiness
  • Self love and compassion mantra
  • Client developed mantra
  • Embedding mantra into the body with massage
  • Mentally imbed and reinforce mantra

Soothing with Comfort Poses

  • Reverse the flight/fight/freeze response of trauma
  • Practice variations of comforting body as self compassion

Simple Yoga Practice for Anxiety

  • Cultivate awareness
  • Safety
  • Practice numerous poses

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About Mary NurrieStearns, LCSW, RYT

Mary NurrieStearns, LCSW, RYT, has over 35 years of professional experience in mental health and maintains a counselling practice in Tulsa, OK. An advanced level yoga teacher and mindfulness student of Thich Naht Hahn, she is a long-time yoga practitioner and meditator. Mary is the author of numerous articles on psycho-spiritual growth, author of Yoga for Anxiety, Yoga for Emotional Trauma and Yoga Mind, Peaceful Mind (2015) and co-editor of Soulful Living. Former editor ofPersonal Transformation magazine, she has produced audio CDs on the healing practices of mindfulness and compassion and DVDs on yoga for emotional trauma and anxiety. Mary teaches yoga, mindfulness, and meditation, teaches seminars across the United States and co-leads, with her husband, transformational meditation and yoga retreats. She has suffered from anxiety and emotional trauma and credits mindfulness practices for profound personal transformation.
An expert presenter, Mary’s seminars are light-hearted and filled with research, neuroscience and experiential learning. Her wealth of knowledge about treatment of anxiety, depression and emotional trauma, familiarity with current research on yoga and mindfulness as treatment modalities, and her expertise in body/mind/spirit healing transform into powerful and easy to apply skills for mental health professionals. You will leave the seminar with something for yourself and your clients. 

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