Positive Psychology: Therapeutic Applications for Adults & Adolescents - 7 Audio CD - 8 CPD Hours

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Positive Psychology is the study of human happiness and life satisfaction – what works in life as demonstrated through research. It is not always obvious how to translate this research into clinical work. This 2 day workshop offers a solid research base and methods of doing therapy that derive from positive psychology and fit with this research.


Participants will be better able to:

  • Use Positive Psychology research findings in their clinical work
  • Better help their clients use life energies to find their life and work directions
  • Identify factors that increase happiness for their clients and students

Brief Outline (approx. 8 hours listening)

  1. Introduction to Positive Psychology
    • The gap between Positive Psychology research and clinical practice
    • The optimistic therapist
  2. Possibilities vs. Positive Thinking
    • Research on the benefits and drawbacks of optimism and being positive
    • Future Pull: The restoration of hope in clinical work
    • Resilience research: What helps people bounce back from troubles and traumas
    • Post-traumatic stress into post-traumatic success
  3. Happiness Research
    • What the research shows makes people happy and what doesn’t
    • Elements of happiness
    • Happy nations
    • Happy people
  4. Applications of Happiness Research
    • The distortions of memory
    • It’s never too late to have a happy childhood
  5. Connections and Relationships
    • Gottman’s research
    • Happy couples: Relationships that last
    • Translating these findings into clinical work
    • Filtering blame and disgust
    • Connective and continuity rituals for relationships and for the prevention of future relationship problems
    • Family and friends for the good life and for recovering
  6. The Good & Meaningful Life
    • Social intelligence
    • Meaning and purpose in the good life
    • Elements of the meaningful life: Clinical work
    • The four life energies: Finding direction and purposeful work
    • It’s not about you: Mitzvah Therapy
  7. Spirituality and Transcendence
    • The 3 Cs of spirituality
    • Gratitude and appreciation: Research and clinical methods
    • Forgiveness, kindness and compassion: Clinical methods
    • Humor: Rising above yourself
    • Lessons from Abe Lincoln and Billy Connolly
    • Mindfulness: Research and clinical methods
  8. Bringing It All Together
    • Appreciative Inquiry: Positive Psychology in your work life
    • The components of Positive Psychology: A summary

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About Bill O’Hanlon, M.S.


Bill O’Hanlon received his M.S. degree in 1978 where he specialized in Marital/Family Therapy. He worked in a variety of community mental health centres and later established his own organization for clinical practice, outpatient therapy, supervision, and training. He is a Licensed Mental Health Professional, Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Professional Counsellor. Bill was a pioneer in developing brief solution-oriented therapy and the founder of possibility and inclusive therapies. He has authored or co-authored 28 books, some of which have been translated into as many as nine languages. Since 1977 Bill has taught over 2000 therapy seminars around the world. Participants at each of these programs gave Bill very high evaluations. He is rated among the most effective and engaging presenters in the field.


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