Hoarding Disorder: Diagnosis, Assessment and Effective Treatment Strategies - ORGANISATIONAL

Hoarding Disorder: Diagnosis, Assessment and Effective Treatment Strategies - ORGANISATIONAL

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  • DSM-5® and hoarding diagnostic criteria
  • Effectively treat hoarding behaviors with lasting results
  • Get inside the mind of someone with hoarding disorder
  • Develop collaborative professional relationships to coordinate community response

Hoarding is a complex disorder that isn’t resolved with a forced cleanout, but with customized treatment strategies for each individual. Join hoarding expert, Jennifer Sampson PhD LMFT, as they teach you how to get inside the mind of someone with this compulsive and complicated disorder. In the DSM-5®, hoarding is now recognized as a separate disorder, and you will learn the criteria you need to make an accurate diagnosis. 

Discover the potential health risks and emotional challenges associated with hoarding, and those in the community you can contact for additional help. This special recording is designed to give you the treatment strategies you need to help your client move forward and live a healthy, uncluttered life. 

Dr. Sampson will use case studies, client stories, and respectful humor that provide an outlet for this difficult topic.


  1. Recognize effective diagnosis and treatment strategies of hoarding disorder.
  2. Describe alternative options to treatment other than a forced cleanout.
  3. Apply evidence-based treatment strategies to address issues of safety in hoarding disorder.
  4. Develop collaborative networks in your area to form a community response to hoarding disorder.

This is an Instructor Version and can be used for groups and training purposes.

About Jennifer M. Sampson

Jennifer M. Sampson, PhD, LMFT, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and co-founder of The Hoarding Project. Jennifer earned her doctorate in Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota. Her research interests involve the influence of family and life experiences on hoarding behavior, as well as developing effective and ethical approaches to mandatory hoarding cleanouts. She has published multiple articles in academic journals on hoarding, and completed her dissertation work on understanding the influences of unresolved trauma and loss and family dynamics on hoarding behavior. She earned her Master’s degree from Seattle Pacific University and teaches at Antioch University Seattle in the Couples and Family Therapy Department. She practices therapy in her group practice, Northwest Relationships, in Tacoma, Washington, and chairs the King/Pierce County Hoarding Task Force.

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