Keeping Your Soul Alive - ORGANISATIONAL

Keeping Your Soul Alive - ORGANISATIONAL

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This program is designed to recharge your personal and professional batteries and put the fun and meaning back into your work.

Bill presents an approach to life and the universe that challenges discouragement and calls participants back from burnout to being fully alive and present in their lives and work. Through the use of structured exercises, poetry, storytelling, and lecture material, participants will get a chance to step away from busy lives to find some spiritual and professional renewal.


Participants will be able to describe:

  • Characteristics of burnout and compassion fatigue
  • How to find professionally rewarding life directions
  • Ways to prevent or recover from professional burnout

Topics Covered

Recovery from Burnout & Compassion Fatigue

  • Recharging your professional batteries
  • Ways to access spirituality
  • Re-examining why you entered your field

Finding What You Want Now

  • Meaning in your life
  • Following your wounds

Liberating Your Humanity & Intuition

  • Challenging shame, learned limitations & self-doubt
  • Bringing yourself into your work
  • Finding your voice in your work

A New Model Of Change

  • How problems and being stuck can precipitate change.

This is an Instructor Version and can be used for groups and training purposes.


About Bill O’Hanlon, M.S.


Bill O’Hanlon received his M.S. degree in 1978 where he specialized in Marital/Family Therapy. He worked in a variety of community mental health centres and later established his own organization for clinical practice, outpatient therapy, supervision, and training. He is a Licensed Mental Health Professional, Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Professional Counsellor. Bill was a pioneer in developing brief solution-oriented therapy and the founder of possibility and inclusive therapies. He has authored or co-authored 28 books, some of which have been translated into as many as nine languages. Since 1977 Bill has taught over 2000 therapy seminars around the world. Participants at each of these programs gave Bill very high evaluations. He is rated among the most effective and engaging presenters in the field.

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