Object-Relations Family Therapy - ORGANISATIONAL

Object-Relations Family Therapy - ORGANISATIONAL

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How can Object-Relations theory be applied to family therapy?

Judy, Adrian, and Pam (their 32 year-old daughter) are stuck. They don’t understand why Pam--who still lives at home--is so uncooperative. In this live session with Jill and David Scharff, this troubled family gains insight into Pam’s behavior by coming face-to-face with the pain they’ve been avoiding for ten years: the tragic suicide of Pam’s brother, Victor. Experience how the Scharffs masterfully create a psychological “holding environment” for the family, allowing them to begin to mourn the mysterious and violent loss of their beloved son and brother.

Using their own countertransference reactions as clues to what is going on beneath the surface, the Scharffs join with the Adrian, Judy, and Pam to create thought-provoking interpretations that help this family understand Pam’s symptoms in a whole new light. The compelling session is followed by a fascinating discussion with a live audience of therapists who grapple with the nuances of the Object-Relations Family Therapy approach.

From watching this video, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of the key concepts of Object-Relations Family Therapy.
  • Gain insight into how Jill and David Scharff create a therapeutic relationship that allows families to face underlying anxieties.
  • Learn how to apply an Object-Relations approach to your own therapeutic work with families.

This is a rare opportunity to see Jill and David Scharff, a married couple, doing co-therapy. You even get to see them disagree with each other in the session! If you want to see how they work separately, check out Jill’s video on Object Relations Therapy and/or David’s video on Object Relations Child Therapy.

About David Scharff, MD and Jill Scharff, MD

David Scharff, MD and Jill Scharff, MD are co-founders of the International Psychotherapy Institute and Clinical Professors of Psychiatry at Georgetown University. They are both internationally recognized figures in psychoanalysis and Object Relations therapy and have written and edited several books, many together, on individual, family and couples Object Relations therapy, including Object Relations Family Therapy.


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