Behavioural Couples Therapy - ORGANISATIONAL

Behavioural Couples Therapy - ORGANISATIONAL

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Stuart utilizes basic principles of Behavioural Therapy to empower clients to change their own behaviours and develop insight and understanding into how what they do influences the behaviour of others.

In this video, Stuart works with Adele and Wesley, a couple with many elements of a successful marriage but struggling to find a way to stay together. While issues from her past trouble Adele, Wesley feels hurt and rejected and does not know how to recapture his loving feelings for his wife.

Using information derived from a brief developmental history as well as pre-session questionnaires, Stuart is able to quickly dive into the language and metaphor of each client—using anecdotes and personal stories to reflect his understanding. He then moves on to identify each of their primary concerns, and reframe their understanding of problematic behaviours. After negotiating strategies for achieving a mutually desired solution, the clients are then asked to engage in specific behavioural changes that can be evaluated the following week.

Consistently focusing on their strengths and the positive aspects of their marriage, Stuart helps the couple re-commit to each other in order to successfully undertake the behavioural changes asked for.

By watching this video, you will be able to:

  • Describe the specific techniques used in Stuart's approach to couples therapy.
  • Identify the basic principles of Stuart's Integrative Behavioural approach to couples therapy.
  • Explain how a clinician employing Stuart's approach would conduct an initial session with a couple.

About Richard B. Stuart, DSW

Richard B. Stuart, DSW, has had more than 50 years of clinical, teaching, and research experience. He is the author of more than 150 professional publications. At present he is Clinical Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychiatry, University of Washington.

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