Adolescent Family Therapy - ORGANISATIONAL

Adolescent Family Therapy - ORGANISATIONAL

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Watch expert adolescent family therapist Janet Sasson Edgette in an actual counselling session with a single mother and her 15-year old daughter.

Parents and therapists often fall into the same traps with teenagers: getting into power struggles, coming across as phony, and not setting limits. Janet Sasson Edgette shows us how to be candid and real with adolescents rather than fighting for control or approval. In this video, Dr. Edgette works with a mom and her teenage daughter who comes and goes as she wants. Watch as Dr. Edgette softens the teen’s combative, provocative stance and empowers mom to take charge. Jon Carlson and Don Keat introduce Dr. Edgette, and facilitate an in-depth discussion of the further impact and uses of the model.

From watching this video, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of the key concepts of adolescent family therapy including empowering parents in order to strengthen the parent-child relationship.
  • Gain insight into Dr. Edgette’s therapy style and how therapists’ authenticity and candor enhances therapy with adolescents.
  • Learn how to apply Dr. Edgette’s techniques to your own family therapy work with adolescent clients and avoid common traps.



This is an Instructor Version and can be used for groups and training purposes.




About Janet Sasson Edgette, PsyD

Janet Sasson Edgette, PsyD is a practicing psychotherapist, as well as a highly sought-after consultant and seminar leader for schools and mental health agencies in the area of adolescent and family therapy. She is the author of four books on psychotherapy with adolescents, including Candor, Connection and Enterprise in Adolescent Therapy, and the newly released, Adolescent Therapy That Really Works: Helping Kids Who Never Asked for Help in the First Place.


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