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A psychodrama video series showing the master and creator of Psychodrama, Jacob Moreno, doing what he does best throughout his career. The historic films now preserved on these DVDs, span over 30 years of Jacob Moreno's work, from 1933 to 1964, and reveal a complex and compelling progression of his ideas, techniques and theories.

Please note: Because of the historic condition of the footage, some inconsistencies in sound and visuals do occur.


Disc 1: Spontaneity Training and Role Re-Training and Introduction to Psychodrama (around 1933)

The first part of the film is an introduction to the warming up and subsequent transfer of simple spontaneity states, such as a sculptress starting a new creation in clay, or a mother visiting her daughter at boarding school.

The next part is a therapeutic film. A young woman from a well-to-do home, but with a history of emotional instability and a poor responses to previous social demands, learns how to become a waitress. The film shows her development in the skills necessary for this profession before, during, and after the psychodramatic treatment. Records of every session were made, including criticism by the other students, and analysis by the director, Zerka Moreno.

Introduction to Psychodrama (around 1942) In this film, Moreno demonstrates basic techniques such as self-realization, doubling, and role-reversal, using actual students from his Beacon training school. We see Moreno's powerful and unique style as his concepts come to life on stage.

Disc 2: Psychodrama of a Marriage (around 1948)

Based on an actual couple treated by Moreno in 1939 in the Therapeutic Theater of Beacon, this movie is a dramatized version of the case, yet includes many variations from the original script. It was intended for an audience of couples and marital therapists, to facilitate a greater understanding of Moreno's theory and techniques, and to stimulate further discussion. This movie still raises fundamental questions today about the process of therapy with couples, the objectives of psychodrama when dealing with marital conflicts, and the role of the director in such situations.

Disc 3: Psychodrama in Action (in the 1960's)

This movie takes place in a mental hospital in California; it was produced in the 1960's when Moreno was touring the state. Originally made by Moreno and a group of patients, the production was entirely unrehearsed, and was broadcast via closed circuit television to several thousands of patients in the various wards of the hospital! The problem addressed was: "Are these patients ready for discharge?" Moreno used different approaches, especially the future projection technique, to explore this issue. It has the character of a "psychodramatic exit test," sprinkled with astute observations by Dr. Moreno. Zerka Moreno, his wife and collaborator, joins this production playing different auxiliary roles.

Disc 4: Psychodrama of a Marriage: A Motion Picture

This movie was shot in Paris during the First International Congress of Psychodrama. It was produced by Radio and Television Center of France in September, 1964. The opening scene takes place at the Faculté de Medecine at the Sorbonne. Moreno greets the audience, goes into a short warm-up, and ends up working with a married couple, Paul and Michelle. Viewers have the opportunity to witness a psychodrama with two protagonists. Michelle is an old Parisienne, and Paul an unhappy American living in France because of his marriage. Moreno uses psychodramatic techniques to lead the couple into an exploration of their conflicts.


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About Jacob Moreno

Jacob L. Moreno with his wife, Zerka Moreno, developed the theory and practice of psychodrama. J.L. and Zerka were both adjunct professors at New York University in the 1950's.

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