Group Therapy: A Live Demonstration (2 DVD) - 3 CPD Hours

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Group therapy sets the stage for a study in character and transformation in Yalom’s novel. Master group therapist and teacher Molyn Leszcz leads two groups based on the characters and plot, which allows for the major themes and dynamics that occur in all working groups to quickly emerge in full force: authentic interpersonal engagement and feedback, conflict, jealousy, and the prospect of real intimacy.

Additionally, you will see Leszcz skillfully demonstrate the core techniques in Yalom’s interpersonal model of group psychotherapy: activating here-and-now interactions, reflection on group process, and the judicious use of therapist transparency. Commentary by Yalom and Leszcz help the viewer gain deeper understanding of the subtleties and nuances that occur in these fast-paced groups.

"This wonderful demonstration of group therapy, based on Yalom's novel 'The Schopenhauer Cure', clearly exemplifies Yalom's approach to groups, in which the therapist's interventions are targeted at the process, and stay in the here-and-now. The group vignettes, led by Molyn Leszcz, are rich and vivid, and the discussion by Irv Yalom himself deepens understanding the therapist's role. A must for every group therapist student and practitioner."
- Haim Weinberg, PhD, Fellow AGPA, Publisher,

This video captures a historic presentation at the American Group Psychotherapy Association Annual Meeting, and the release on DVD has been eagerly anticipated. It is a must see for group therapists and fans of Irvin Yalom and Molyn Leszcz alike. The video is enhanced by a discussion between Irvin Yalom and Victor Yalom.

By watching this video, you will:

  • See Yalom’s model of group therapy in action.
  • Learn techniques for engaging and maintaining the group in here-and-now interactions.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the theory and practice of this approach.

This promises to be a valuable training video for years to come....and is entertaining to boot. If you haven't read The Schopehauer Cure, this video should inspire you to do so. The actors do a superb job of embodying the characters of this novel.

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About Irvin Yalom, MD


Psychiatrist and author Irvin Yalom, MD has been a major figure in the field of psychotherapy since he first wrote The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy in 1970 (now in it's 5th edition). Other significant contributions have included Existential Psychotherapy, Inpatient Group Psychotherapy, and NY Times Bestseller Loves Executioner and Other Tales of Psychotherapy. He has written three novels on psychotherapy: When Nietzsche Wept, Lying on the Couch, and The Schopenhauer Cure, and released his latest work, Staring at the Sun, on death anxiety in January 2008. His works, translated into over 20 languages, have been widely read by therapists and non-therapists alike.


Molyn Leszcz, MD, CGP, FAGPA


Molyn Leszcz, MD, CGP, FAGPA is the Psychiatrist-in-Chief at Mount Sinai Hospital and Professor and Head of the Group Psychotherapy Program, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto. Dr. Leszcz co-chaired the American Group Psychotherapy Association’s Science to Service Task Force, the working group that published AGPA’s Clinical Practice Guidelines for Group Psychotherapy in 2007. He has been awarded Fellowship in the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association, and has been the recipient of a number of teaching awards at the University of Toronto. Dr. Leszcz has co-authored with Dr. Irvin Yalom the 5th edition of The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy.


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