Psychotherapy with Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Clients, vol. 7 - 1 CPD Hour

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This video combines the latest research and effective treatment approaches by such experts as Dr. Ritch Savin-Wiliams, Dr. Karla Anhalt and Teresa DeCrescenzo, and includes vital information for working with this special population.

By watching this video, you’ll learn about:

  • Typical adolescent developmental milestones
  • Four key “differential developmental trajectories” -- a comprehensive model for understanding healthy GLB identity development.
  • Stressors common to identifying as GLB during adolescence, including loss of social support, victimization/harassment, suicidality, high-risk sexual behaviour and substance abuse.
  • Ways to help GLB youth become resistant to potential stressors.
  • The paradigm shift from a pathologizing model to a strength-based treatment approach that includes mentoring, trust building, adjusting to social roles, building resiliency against harassment, and dealing with religious conflicts.
  • The GLB youth perspective as they share their positive and negative experiences.



About Dr. Ron Scott


Dr. Ron Scottis Professor of Psychology at Chapman University, teaching courses in the areas of clinical, personality and multicultural psychology. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and maintains a small private practice in addition to his work at the university. Dr. Scott is an active teacher-scholar with approximately 20 journal articles and book chapters. He is an officer in the International Council of Psychologists and has been a visiting professor at several universities throughout Latin America.

Featured professionals in the series include Dr. Christine Padesky, Dr. Robert Jay Green, Dr. Isaiah Crawford, Dr. Eli Coleman, Dr. Sari Dworkin, Dr. Ritch Savin-Williams, Dr. Fritz Klein, Dr. Mary Bradford, Dr. Beverly Greene and others.


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