Invisible Child Abuse - 1 CPD Hour

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This film is a highly valuable resource for mental health professionals, abuse survivors and their loved ones.

Emotional child abuse is frequently overlooked in our focus on physical and sexual abuse, often invisible to those both outside and inside the family. However, the damage that emotional child abuse can inflict has severe impact later in life on a person's self-esteem, relationships, and career. In this film, actual group participants discuss how despite their successes they continue to treat themselves the way they were treated as children, and continually struggle with the ghosts of their childhood. In powerful footage, men and women discuss painful incidences, and uncover the legacy of emotional child abuse that often spans multiple generations. Featured therapist Dr. Robert Firestone works with these group participants to give them voice to the abuse they experienced, as well as to the child that couldn't then fight back.

From watching this video, you'll learn:

  • How childhood emotional abuse is kept hidden, how it can have a damaging impact later in life, and how its legacy can span many generations.
  • What emotional child abuse looks like from many different perspectives and experiences.
  • How to give voice to childhood emotional abuse, and increase one's compassion in order to move beyond it.


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About Robert Firestone, PhD


Robert Firestone, PhD is the Glendon Association’s consulting theorist. His innovative ideas related to psychotherapy, couple and family relationships, suicide and parenting are the cornerstone of Glendon's research and publications. He developed Voice Therapy, as well as the Firestone Assessment of Self-destructive Thoughts (FAST), a scale that assesses suicide potential. He is the author of several books including The Fantasy Bond, Voice Therapy, Combating Destructive Thought Processes and Compassionate Child Rearing.


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