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Watch live demonstrations of Essential CBT Techniques followed by a detailed analysis and informed explanation by Accredited CBT therapists: Dr Tom Werner and Consultant Clinical Psychologist Paul Grantham. Buy all 8 DVDs and save!

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Prepare to be enlightened by this riveting series featuring three very different yet fascinating approaches to personality disorders. Watch DBT pioneer Marsha Linehan, CBT expert Art Freeman, and psychoanalytic legend Otto Kernberg work with Alfred, a challenging client struggling with severe Axis II issues and deep ambivalence about being in therapy.
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A 7-DVD series featuring addiction and recovery experts demonstrating how to help this challenging population acquire necessary skills for a successful recovery.

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Buy all 6 Couples Therapy with the Experts DVDs and save £25.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
Experiential Therapy
Imago Couples Therapy
Internal Family Systems Therapy
Behavioural Couples Therapy
Strategic Couples Therapy


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Buy the complete Moreno Movies series.

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Learn Motivational Interviewing with the most in-depth training series to date. Demonstrations and interviews illuminate the underlying principles, tools, techniques, and strategies that will enhance your skills in leading clients through the change process.
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Buy 2 Otto Kernberg DVDs together.

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Buy all 7 DVD in Psychotherapy with Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Clients series and save £36.23 – 7 DVDs for the price of 6!!
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3 DVDs Set on PTSD.

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Buy set of two Albert Ellis' DVDs as a set and save £10: Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy for Addictions and Coping with the Suicide of a Loved One: An REBT Approach
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Buy two Janet Wolfe DVDs and save £10.
Disk 1: "My Kids Don't Appreciate Me:" REBT with a Single Mother
Disk 2: REBT for Anger Management
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Despite its origins being nearly 2500 years old, Socratic Questioning (SQ) in therapy generally and specifically in CBT remains somewhat a mystery to many practitioners. SQ is based on the practice of disciplined and thoughtful dialogue that, on the first sight, appears simple, but in fact – is intensely rigorous. Despite lots of references to SQ as a cornerstone of cognitive therapy (C.Padesky, 1993), there is very little, almost nothing, written about it and how to conduct it. This DVD set is an attempt to give practitioners clear explanation of SQ process and guidance about its use.

Julia Budnik interviews Fiona Kennedy and Paul Grantham, both experienced clinicians, tutors, and Accredited CBT Therapists, about SQ, from its origins to a detailed discussion about its practical implications. The interview is followed by a demonstration of SQ in three live sessions with different clients conducted by Dr Kennedy.

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Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) offers a unique strengths oriented approach to behaviour and attitude change based on a social constructionist philosophy. Its assumption of constant change, preexisting success and resources combined with a focus on what a problem free future would consist of, ensures a positive therapeutic approach.

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Individual Training Pack CPD 4 Hours – £59

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Buy the complete set on Strategic Treatment of Anxiety Disorders.

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Buy 5 DVD set from Virginia Satir - 1 CPD Hour per DVD.

  • Of Rocks and Flowers: Dealing with the Abuse of Children
  • The Essence of Change
  • Blended Family with a Troubled Boy
  • A Family at the Point of Growth
  • A Step Along the Way: A Family with a Drug Problem

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Buy all 3 The Zerka T. Moreno Series DVDs as a set.

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Buy 5-DVD set on Trauma Treatment: Psychotherapy for the 21st Century and save £20 off the individual DVDs price.

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Understanding Group Psychotherapy (Volume I): Outpatients (2 DVD)
Understanding Group Psychotherapy (Volume II): Inpatients (2 DVD)
Understanding Group Psychotherapy (Volume III): An Interview
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This video material is a part of a training series on Positive Psychology that concentrates on introducing it to the viewer through a combination of demonstration, discussion and reflection. The video series is designed as a TRAINING TOOL for everyone who works with clients and wants to learn more about this evidence-based effective therapeutic approach. Suitable for therapists, coaches, teaches, and everyone involved in caring professions.
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